Friday, March 1, 2013

Forts and Strawberries

We got a GINORMOUS package in the mail the other day.  It was one of those boxes that was just begging to be used as a fort before it found it's way into the dumpster.

I remember growing up there was nothing I loved more than finding quiet, little cubbies and nooks and hidey-holes where I could crawl away and pretend or read or write or draw.  I love being able to share these kinds of things with London, and watch her giggle as she experiences it for the first time.  Seriously, I wish they made boxes big enough for me to crawl into.  So much fun!!

Mooom, stop taking pictures and come play with me!!
After all the fun in the fort, we went on a walk to the farmers market with some friends.  London especially enjoyed the free samples!  (Okay, I did too!!)  But the absolute winner of the day was the STRAWBERRIES.  These are already one of London's favorite things to eat, and since these were about the juiciest strawberries in existence, we just had to buy some, ya know??  And by some, I mean a gigantic boxful!! Yum!  London is in heaven trying to eat all these before they go bad.  She has strawberries like three times a day.  Probably more, because anytime I'm snacking on one, she crawls over to steal it...

More free samples, please!!
Our haul!


7carrs said...

time to make jam!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

That fort looks fun! Isn't is great how kids are entertained by random things? Boxes, pots and pans, etc. I love the South Pas Farmers Market :) London looks like a doll - so cute!