Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ohhh we're halfway there

Today is my half-birthday!  Which means it's time for a progress report on my 24 things before 24...

1. Road trip to the Grand Canyon.  (Thinking maybe this summer??)
2. Sew an article of clothing. I did alter a pair of pants, but I'm hoping to do something a little more ambitious soon.
3. Sew a costume.

London's money bag.
4. Make a quilt. -in progress!  My mom is helping me!
5. Finish draft of novel.
6. Pick up violin again.  Master a new song--or an old one. Just something!
7. Learn a song on the guitar. (I've been practicing, but I want to be able to play something more exciting than Ode to Joy...)
8. Go to a concert.
9. Paint a picture, even if it's ugly.
10. Do something nice for someone you don't know
11. Take a photography class. Just started one!  It's online and it's free, but I'm learning!
12. San Fran.
13. Throw London an awesome first birthday party. Soooo on this one right now!  It's in less than 3 weeks!!
14. Visit the temple at least four times this year.  On track, already gone twice in the last six months (special thanks to Dave and Carrie and my wonderful sisters-in-law for making both times possible!)
 15. Go camping. Planning on it in July.  Snow Family Reunion!
16. Learn to respect your body. (And not treat it like a garbage disposal.)
17. Write a pen pal. 
18. Plant a garden.  And don't kill it.  I've already got some basil growing on my porch and plans for more.
19. Run a 5k. 
Basking in my glory!
20.  Host a houseguest.  Be the gracious Southern hostess you were raised to be.  Hopey, Zach, Kimmy, and Melanie, and we'll be hosting my mom and one of my brothers later this month.
21. Read 50 books. On track.  So far I've read 26 books.
22. Have a dinner party.
23. Go antique-ing.
24. Get out of the house, every day. Even if it's only a walk. 

Moral of the story...I am kind of a procrastinator and am going to be busy the next six months if I want to accomplish every last one of these goals.  Which means I better get off the computer and go put some of these plans into action. 


Chris and Paige Evans said...

That's a great list! Can't believe you're gonna be 24, you youngin! I love the last one. That's definitely a must.

Lisa said...

Jay tee ell wye kay (sorry just felt like being obnoxious)I think I might copy your # before I'm # thing. I like that idea. It'll get me off my butt. The end.

Brady and Jamie Sefcik said...

Whoo Hoo for the year of 24 birthdays! I'm nervous... haha