Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Newport Harbor

We got the opportunity to take a tour of the Newport Harbor with some other dental student friends on Saturday.  Orange County is probably one of my favorite parts of California.  There is less smog, less traffic, and it is so completely and utterly gorgeous.  Here are some pictures to help prove my point.  (P.S. I took some of these with my camera in "manual" mode for the first time ever! Kind of scary, but kind of awesome.  I felt super cool and fancy and smart doing it.)

Getting all squishy in the life jacket.  Safety First, folks!


My future house...yeah right, these babies run from 2-8 million.  Just a nice summer home, ya know??

These guys were everywhere.


This cove where they filmed Gilligan's Island

Some seals attacked this boat--that orange netting was on it to keep them off, and they just knocked it over and climbed aboard.

Apparently jet packs ARE a real thing.

My crew! We made it back safely from our 3-hour tour!
Sorry that was probably close to a million pictures, but I took so many and had hard time picking favorites, because this was such a nice day!


SupaFlowaPowa said...

fun! I loveeee Newport Beach! Insider tip - you can get a really cheap house for rent right on the strand of the beach on the peninsula but only during non-peak summer times. I had some college friends who did that and it was a party out there every weekend, we didn't even care if it was cold, and we got sun sometimes hehe! LOVED the photos ps.

robertandsharon said...

I love Orange County, too. It is much prettier than San Diego...Your pictures are beautiful and it looked like you all had fun. ;-D

Lisa said...

The seals are awesome. And you're looking lovely as ever!

Autumn said...

Manual mode!! So exciting! You're going to be a pro in no time. I am impressed you survived a three hour tour with such a youngin'.