Thursday, March 28, 2013

Someone's One!

Can you believe London Grace is one whole year old??  Can you believe that one year ago, she looked like this??

Or that she was this tiny?  Because it's honestly pretty incredible to me.  My baby girl isn't really a baby anymore.  I mean, she has a head full of hair, walks around, waves bye-bye, gives high fives, claps her hands, has the world's greatest giggle...not exactly a tiny newborn.

But tiny newborns don't get to have AWESOME birthday parties, so I guess it's all win-win for Miss London.  My madre flew out to spend the last week with us and helped us throw our circus extravaganza in honor of London Grace.  Thanks Mommy, you are the greatest Mimi a kid could ask for!

The Spread!
Lots of circus-y treats!

Circus Animal Cupcakes!
Ringmaster/Grill-master Dan.  (We had hot dogs with tons of yummy toppings.)
The Birthday Girl!

Higher Uncle Jack!  Higher! (Thanks to Aunt Steph for this awesome picture!)

Love this little chica!!

Hanging with Great-Grandpa!

Cousin Isabella gettin' crazy!

Uncle Jack's turn!
After all the fun with friends at the park, we headed back home to open some presents and have some family time with all the relatives (London's biggest fans).  Our little bitty apartment was full to the bursting, but it was lots of fun.  Even if London felt the need to push Uncle Mason out of the way of her present-opening...

Please note the pile of debris behind her...that's the remnants of her presents.  Thanks so much to everyone, this is one loved little girl.

And even though London didn't actually get her birthday cupcake until the day after her partay, she still enjoyed it.  Even if she wasn't quite sure what to think of it at first...

Singing Happy Birthday (Ignore the gigantic mess in my kitchen. We just threw a huge party, remember? =))


We had to take a milk break halfway through...
London Grace, you are the best thing to ever happen to our family.  I can't wait to see what the coming year holds for you.  I love watching you grow and learn and spending nearly every waking minute with you.  You are the dearest treasure of my heart, and I never knew how much my heart was capable of until you came into my life.  Being your mother is the greatest blessing I have ever received, and I wouldn't have my life any other way.  Love you big baby girl. 


robertandsharon said...

You throw a great party....wish I could have been there, too. Love you all.

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

It was the perfect party. Everything was amazing! So glad we were there to celebrate with you guys.

7carrs said...

So much fun planning and putting together. Miss you already :)

Autumn said...

Wow, I can't believe all of the decorations! This was probably the coolest party for a one year old ever.

It seems like this year has gone by pretty quickly, however, I'm not the one changing any diapers :)

Katherine said...

Jiminey Crickets she is growing up. I must admit it is truly a treat to watch you grow and take on your newish role as MAMA. You are one of the bestest and its inspirational. Baby cakes is beyond lucky to have you! AND man is she beautiful... APPLE sure doesn't fall far from its GORGEOUS TREE! xoxoxox