Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Newport Temple

We managed to spend the last two Saturdays in Newport.  This last weekend was for a very special reason.  My cousin is going on a mission!  She's the first of the grand kids on my mom's side to do so.  So awesome, right??  But what's even more awesome is that she will be serving where my family lives! (Raleigh, NC).  It's a small world when you're a Mormon.

I'm so excited for her, and I was so incredibly excited to be there when she went through the temple for the first time.  This is such a special time in our faith, and it made me remember how much love I felt my first time.  Big thanks to my sister Hopey and several friends for watching London so that I was able to be there!!

Now in color!

And a close-up!

I loooove how happy Natasha looks in this one!

Some of their friends were running late and didn't have time to change--so they came in their running clothes.  We had them stand in the back so that you couldn't tell, but I took this shot of the feet just to tease them.

Snuggles with Aunt Hopey!
Congratulations, Natasha--I mean Tasha.  I mean, Sister Deacon!!  Good luck, Return with Honor, and eat your vegetables--they're hard to come by in the South--unless you like them soaked in bacon fat.  =) 


Laura Darling said...

How neat that you were able to spend this time together! Great pictures!

Autumn said...

These photos are so beautiful- how great that you were able to go!

I love the picture of you handing your baby off to Dan in front of the temple- so pretty.