Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beach Bonfire

We do this with our fellow dental students every year, and it is so much fun!  We do a little beach clean up, and then enjoy some delish burgers and dogs, s'mores, and good company.  I heard that this is the last year that we're doing it though--something about funding (it's done through a school funded club.)  I could be totally wrong about this and spreading rumors, so don't quote me on it!!!  But we had a good time as usual.  And it was fun to bring my madre and brother with us to enjoy the beach during their visit.

This girl loves to eat!  Especially if that eating involves strawberries.  They probably tie with bananas and tomatoes for her favorite food. 

Jack heads for the water.

So excited for the many more beach days to come this summer.  Even though I probably will outgrow all of my swimsuits by the end of it, nothing beats a day at the beach.  And since this will probably be our last summer here, we've got to enjoy it as much as possible!


Dana Eyerly said...

Hey I'm outgrowing swimsuits this summer too! :-) Let's be cute pregnant beach buddies and make everyone jealous of our ever-growing tummies.

Lisa said...

I love that picture of you and London! So cute!