Monday, April 8, 2013

Wild Animal Park Adventures!

While my mom was visiting we headed down to San Diego with my aunt and cousins to spend the day at the Wild Animal Park.  (Which is now called the Safari Park, but old habits die hard.)  It was a blast.  My family might be a little obsessed with the zoo though.  What's not to like?  Animals, long walks, interesting facts, and maybe even an ice cream cone.  I think I'm ready to go back...

Mimi and London, ready for their safari!

These dudes were throwin' down!  No joking around in the Animal Kingdom!

Ok, this guy was cracking me up.  I guess he got solitary confinement, because he is pining after one of the females in the herd.  He's tried to mate with her several times, but she's not interested, and he keeps biting her bum whenever she rejects him.  He was throwing what can only be described as a temper tamtrum, trying to escape this enclosure and get to the lady zebra.  Hopefully he calms down and finds true love someday. 

Life is good when you're king.

Lunch time!

Kicked back and totally relaxin'.

London got a bottle instead of ice cream.

Uncle Jack and Isabella make friends with a gorilla.


Aunt Cheryl and Mimi!

I love my mommy!
Thanks for the fun day, Mimi!  We miss you already!

P.S. Big thanks to everyone for all the comments, phone calls, texts, congratulations, advice, sympathy, babysitting, housecleaning, meals and everything else regarding my last post.  I have been feeling so blessed lately to have such incredible friends and family.  Not really sure how I got so lucky, but I'm just gonna go with it.

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Lisa said...

Hahaha poor zebra!!! That is hilarious.