Monday, June 10, 2013

Big Wide World


Going from apartment living to a whole house with a big, huge yard is a dream come true for Miss London.  Plenty of room to run around, a nice, big driveway to play with chalk, and even a porch swing on a wonderfully southern wrap-around-porch.  It's every toddlers dream come true, and it even has me dreaming of the days when we'll have our own house and own yard...someday in the far distant future...But right now we'll just take advantage of our time at Mimi's. 


Chris and Paige Evans said...

One day soon I'm going to post pictures of London and Jane side-by-side; the resemblance is uncanny!!

Lisa said...

I love how she scrunches her nose when she smiles!

Autumn said...

These photos are BEAUTIFUL. I need to get some tips from you.

We hope you end up going on an international tour so that you can experience that. We were talking recently that the more settled we begin to feel with our house etc. the less we end up having that desire. However, you never know what ends up feeling right.