Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One Smart Cookie

To celebrate Spicer's graduation from high school, we threw this fun party.  Any party centered around cookies has GOT to be good, right?  That's what I thought in the initial planning stages...then I started making all these cookies and was maaaaybe starting to pull my hair out after like the third recipe.  But I love my bubba so I pulled through, and thanks to some assistance from my mom, I think we can call this party a success.  Our diets?  Not so much...but I'm pregnant!  (I'm kind of dreading getting on the scale at the doctor's office after I get back from this vacaction...)

The spread!

The chocies

The man of the hour!

This was London's kind of party!
Our Spicer-shrine!

Spicer was so excited, one of his friends made him a Tardis!

Congrats again, Spicer-man! You are one of the smartest cookies I know, and I know you are going to dominate at college next fall!

Inspiration for Smart Cookie Party found here

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Autumn said...

You are brave to host a party! I have still never hosted a party (or even had more than two couples over at our place the whole time we have been married). The spread looks beautiful and yummy. I really loved getting to know Spicer last week.