Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I'm really torn right now.  Honestly, at this very second, nothing sounds better than my bed.  London's taking her nap, I'm four months pregnant, we played hard this morning at the park; I could be totally justified in this!

Except not really, because we're leaving for Yosemite early in the morning and I haven't even begun packing for that.  I just barely unpacked from our 4th of July trip up to visit the in-laws!  This is the whirlwind summer of trips and vacations.

I'm kind of torn on that too.  I love traveling.  I love seeing family.  I love visiting new places and trying new things and going on adventures...but I don't think I've been home for more than five days together since May.  Which is kind of awesome, but kind of hard when you're pregnant AND trying to corral a one-year-old who loves new adventures maybe even more than you do. 

BUT I'm mostly super pumped for it all!  That's life, ya know?  I'm never going to have the stars align and have this perfectly balanced, put-together vacation/house/mind.  But that doesn't mean I can't have a good time while I'm struggling through it all.  So even though I can't hike Half Dome cuz I'm pregnant, and even though I'd rather be napping at this point in time, tomorrow I will wake up early, help load up the car and the baby and the snacks and the luggage and the gear and ourselves and get ready to make some memories.  Snow Family Reunion 2013, we are coming for you.  We might be a little tired, slightly exhausted, and maybe losing our minds, but we're coming and we're going to have some fun, by golly!

And who knows, maybe we'll throw in another vacation next month, just to keep things exciting!  Utah? San Fran? Grand Canyon? San Diego?

(Pictures from our morning in the park with our buddies the Lukers.)

P.S. Big thanks to my cousin Autumn for the awesome new layout on the blog!  Isn't it wonderful??  I'm in love with it.


Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

Loving the new layout Lauren! And I know how you feel, we have a month of nothing planned and it feels wonderful! Hope you'll be able to relax at one point :)

Autumn said...

I'm so happy you like your layout!

Your photography is getting SOO good. These photos of London and of your recent beach trip are gorgeous and the colors are so beautiful in them. It reminds me that I need to pop my camera out and practice more like you do. Sometimes I feel like I am so obsessed with getting the "perfect" photo that I never that "the photo" at all. Ha.

Hopefully you can get a quick nap in while you're on vacation with family (or maybe the kind that you wake up and it feels like you slept the whole night). We keep taking impromptu vacations too, but we have all of these gaps between ours. I can't imagine how crazy it would be with a little one in a tow and a baby on the way.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Your new blog looks awesome! Love it!

I once read a quote that went something like "Vacations are always better in retrospect." Haha, kinda true sometimes though :)

Happy summer!