Sunday, June 30, 2013


In the last year we've been through rubix cubes, reading The Princess Bride, Settlers of Catan, and of course, the ever-constant phenomenon of golf. 

...I think it goes without saying that we are not talking about me.  Dan has this tendency to discover something, usually something he stumbles across completely by accident, and then allow it to possess him in his non-dental-student-hours.  It's fine; it's one of his many quirks that I love, and let's be honest, I do the same thing.

However, this latest one made me giggle.  Dan recorded the movie 21 on tv and wanted to watch it tonight--I wasn't really in the mood for a movie, so I said he could watch it without me and I'd find something else to do.  After watching for a little while, he comes into our room to ask me where his playing cards are.  Dan's mind likes to figure things out, so I figure he's just been inspired by the movie.  An hour later, I walk out to the living room and see cards spread all over our coffee table.  Dan looks up at me, grins, and says, "We're gonna be rich, babe!!" 

So don't worry about us, if the whole dentist thing doesn't work out, Dan's got Plan B all taken care of.


Carrie said...

So funny! I could actually picture this!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

That's hilarious. You probably could make a killing counting cards!

We LOVE the movie 21 and quote it almost on a daily basis.

SupaFlowaPowa said...

apparently he didn't get the moral of the movie ... that you can count cards and get rich but then get in big trouble with the people who run the casinos. hahaha i've always wanted to learn the rubix cube, one of my coworkers had it down and kept trying to teach me but i'm an idiot. he said once you get it, it's really easy. still on my list of things to do!!

robertandsharon said...


7carrs said...

I can see his grin now :)