Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Round up of Randomness

A few North Carolina Memories that haven't made it onto the blog yet...

Sometimes I like to experiment and see what I would look like with a mustache--I think I resemble President Teddy Roosevelt, what do you think? ;)

Ravioli brings out London's Italian roots!

Coloring in Mimi's basement!  She has a much more impressive collection of crayons than we do!

Piecing together my t-shirt quilt.

Rocking chairs are the greatest!!

Pretty flowers in Mimi and Papa's yard.

Oh look, another rocking chair!

Uncle Jack's kindergarten graduation!

Experimenting with utensils...this is still a skill London is working on.  But look how pleased she is to even be trying!
Less than two days left till we see Dada again!  We're going to miss this craziness though.


robertandsharon said...

Lovely pictures and I love the quilt!

7carrs said...

looks like y'all had a lot of fun while we were gone! Missing you already- I kept wanting to yell at them for not putting the gate back up. I put them away so I would stop confusing myself.
We miss our little London and her crazy busyness, but know you are all happy to be back together.