Monday, July 22, 2013

So, I made a quilt...

 And it's kind of a hot mess.  I've never quilted before, and I just kind of winged this (with the help of some verbal instructions from my mother.  Thanks Mom!)  But you know what?!  I made it, 100% by myself!  And sure there are some I accidentally cut a few squares smaller than I was supposed to.  ...Oh and then my binding didn't line up quite right because I don't pay attention very well.  ...Also the back is super tacky because the fabric wasn't wide enough to cover the whole quilt, and instead of sewing two halves together down the middle, I just added a three inch strip down the side.  Yeah, I don't always think things through all the way. 

But it's done, and I love it.  Because it's made out of all my old high school t-shirts.  Snuggling up with it is like taking a trip down memory lane.  And since I could probably win an award for the world's most nostalgic person, that's a great thing for me.  So try not to judge it, but even if you do, I will forever love my nostalgia-filed quilt.

I mean look at how thrilled I was to be 16 years old!  Obviously I had a great time in high school.
And if you're suuuper interested in what all the shirts are from, here is a quick run down. 

Top two rows: P.E. shirt from my high school in Texas. // Girls Camp 2004, "Princess Polishing Camp." // First musical I was in, HMS Pinafore. // Girls Camp 2005, "B.O.O.T. Camp" (Building Our Own Testimonies). //
Here I am actually wearing my 4th year shirt at Girls Camp.  We were pretty hardcore.

Same year at girls camp, but for my year group--4th years were the Marines! // Youth Conference 2005, "A Great and Marvelous Work." // Choir Shirt from Junior Year. // Fiddler on the Roof cast shirt.

Next two rows: Crappy Band t-shirt to fill space.  Yes, I really did used to like them...I went through an interesting emo phase.  We don't need to get into it.  // Stonehenge shirt from...when I went to Stonehenge!! Party! // Scotland shirt from when I went to Scotland, even bigger party!! // Girls Camp 2006, Animal Kingdom. //

This is why we don't want to go into further detail about my emo phase.  Myspace, what up!!
EFY, 2006 "The Greatest Gift." // Youth Conference 2006, "Arise and Shine Forth."  // Senior Class Shirt. // Choir Shirt from Senior Year.

Last two rows: Cinderella Cast Shirt. // ITS Troupe Shirt. // Shirt from ITS District Competition. // Church Basketball Shirt. //

Senior Pic.  I look good with my frizzy Florida hair.
Shirt from my summer job at Vino's Pizza. // Girls Camp 2007, "A Whole Lotta Holidays." // EFY 2007, "Power in Purity." // Youth Conference 2007, "Let thy confidence wax strong."  The End.

...And I just have to share this.  London wanted in on the fabric fun, so I let her play with some of the scraps. We made her a little hippie headband out of one of them that she wore for half the afternoon.  So, crafting brings families together!  And now we can all snuggle under my quilt.  (The first time Dan used it, he jokingly took a big whiff and went "Ahhh teenage Lauren sweat!"  I promise, it does NOT really smell like that.  But that's still pretty funny, amirite???)


7carrs said...

It turned out cute! Are you still planning to do another one? Or did you whittle down your shirts to just these?

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

Way to go Lauren, it's better than I would have done!!

SupaFlowaPowa said...

I've been wanting to do this forever but am too big of a wimp to try and too un-crafty to succeed. It turned out great for you! I have a lot of t-shirts stashed away for this purpose though some I already threw away (darn it!) but maybe I'll ask my sister-in-law to help me! p.s. Senses Fail rock my face off. i'm still Emo. hehe!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I am so impressed! I've never made a quilt so props to you and your mad skillz!

robertandsharon said...

I love it!!!