Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Splash Pad!

I dunno about you, but when it's 90+ outside, the splash pad sounds like fun to me.

London just wasn't too sure about these shenanigans though.  It's probably hard to have fun when you're so short the water splashes right up into your eyes.  Is it bad that I had fun watching her scurry away from the water, only to go inching right back?  I guess somethings are just too irresistible in the summer heat. 

This picture about sums up London's overall experience.  Poor kid.  Hopefully next time she'll have more fun, because we're definitely going back soon if this heat wave keeps up.


7carrs said...

lol! I need to show you the video of Jack playing in one of these at Universal when he was about the same age! It was hilarious- had an entire crowd watching and laughing. She needs her Mimi to help her overcome her fear of this like she helped her with the beach :)

Autumn said...

She is so darling in that suit and do expressive with her face!