Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Yosemite: Day 2

 On our second day in Yosemite, a group went up and hiked Half Dome.  Dan (maybe a little reluctantly...) went with them.  At 25 weeks pregnant, for some reason an 18 mile hike that included climbing up an almost vertical cliff while hanging onto steel cables just didn't sound all that appealing to me.  So I stayed home with London and kept it real at the cabin.  Fortunately, Dan and his parents snagged a few pictures for me.

Dan's favorite part of the hike was up the Mist Trail, as you hiked up past Vernal and Nevada Falls.  In fact, he wishes he had just done that part of the hike and turned around--he got altitude sickness at the top of the dome, so it was hard to enjoy his triumph when he felt like puking.

Please note the line of people clinging onto the cables for dear life.

 One of our favorite things at Yosemite were these signs they had posted on all the roads, "Speeding Kills Bears."  We read that 15 bears are killed each year by speeding cars.  But only one was spotted on this trip, by Dan's aunt on the trail.  He looks so cuddly.  Although I have to admit, if I had been there in person, I probably would have been running in the other direction as fast as I could!

We managed to have some fun at the cabin too.  London especially enjoyed her peanut butter sandwich at lunch...or maybe just the peanut butter in her sandwich.  She's developing a special talent for mess-making.

Before I wrap this up, I'd just like to give a special shout-out to my mother-in-law, Carrie.  She kicked her fear of heights in the butt on this hike!  What a trooper!  (This is my favorite picture of her on the hike--I love how she is leaning as far away from the edge as possible hahaha.  I would be doing the same thing!!)


7carrs said...

Way to go Dan- and Carrie! I have a fear of heights too- and would lean in with her:) London is getting so big!

Autumn said...

I gasped just looking at the photo of that ladder. When we were in Yosemite last summer...just driving...I wouldn't look over the road road barrier because it looked like we were going to fall off the whole time.

Beautiful pictures.