Thursday, December 5, 2013

Juliet Katherine

I guess if I'm finally up to posting a blog that means I must at least kind of have it together as a mother of two now, right?  ...Yeah, let's go with that.  I won't tell the truth if you won't.  ;)

I'm so excited to finally introduce little Juju-bee to the blog world!  She is the sweetest.  Obviously, I am a little biased in this, but look at her sweet little face.

Juliet's entrance into the world was a little bit different than her sister's.  I guess that's probably true for every child, right?  Although I won't mind if the rest of them decide to make their debut a little more like Juliet.

Juliet was due on October 25th.  I had been having contractions on and off for a couple weeks.  I was uncomfortable.  My morning sickness never completely went away.  I was uncomfortable.  She had dropped and every time she moved she was pushing on some nerve or my bladder.  Did I mention I was uncomfortable???  I had a Dr.'s appointment on the 28th, and asked if I could be induced ASAP.

Juliet was moving so much during her exam, the nurse exclaimed, "If she keeps this up she'll be rolling over by one month!"  Fortunately, that prediction has not come true!
 Umm...I should have asked sooner.  My doctor really understands what a pregnant woman means when she says ASAP!!  He scheduled me for a bed in Labor and Delivery at 4 that afternoon (2 hours to go home and "get ready").  I almost would rather be induced every time.  This was a whole different experience.  You mean, I can PLAN on when my baby is coming??  I have time to shower and eat and do all those last minute things and know that my baby is actually coming??  This is madness!!!  After I'd taken care of all the last minute details, Dan and I were set to head out.  I was explaining to my mom everything about London's schedule, which keys were for what, how to use our tv etc, when I said to her, "So either I'm having some really bad gas, or that was a contraction!"

...Turns out it was a contraction.  One of my nurses informed I wasn't really being induced, they were just augmenting my labor.  I was having what she called "rolling" contractions.  (I still don't really know what that means...any of my more medically-minded friends have a clue??)  Another great thing about being induced--I mean, having my labor "augmented," was that I wasn't dilated past a 6 and becoming delusional by the time I got my epidural.  I was only at a four.  But by far the best part was that I was ready to push after only 5 hours.  And instead of pushing for three hours, it was ten minutes.  Seriously, this was a cake walk compared to last time!!  I can only hope and pray that each successive child is this easy.  Having said that, I have probably now jinxed myself and am doomed to five more vacuum babies.

I love this little girl so much.  My recovery this time has been quicker and easier (minus the after-birth cramps...what is that?! Unacceptable!!) She has caught onto nursing a lot quicker than London did, thank goodness.  And she's a pretty decent sleeper for a newborn.

I won't lie to you, some days have been rough.  London is getting all set to enter the terrible twos, and even a very angelic newborn is naturally a very needy individual.  I'm lucky to have had so many helpers!  (Thanks, you guys know who you are, and you are my heroes!!) In all honesty though the most difficult thing right now is some serious sleep deprivation.  But I know it's just a stage and some day I will be able to sleep for more than four hours at a time.  I hope.  (Please, please, please let there be an end!!)

For the most part, London loves being a big sister.  She is always wanting to help, hug, kiss, and hold the baby.  If anything she loves her too much!  I've had a heart attack a few times when she's tried to climb in the baby swing with Juliet, attempted to pick her up without any help, or sat on top of her to give her a hug.  But I know it's all out of love, I just need to be ever vigilant--which is easier said than done when you're running on too little sleep.  London has even bestowed Juliet with her first nickname: Juju.  In the hospital when we first asked London if she could say Juliet, that's what came out, and it's stuck. 

I'm so grateful for this blessing to be a mommy to two beautiful, healthy little girls.  And please forgive me while I play a little catch-up on the blog over the next week or so. 


Lisa said...

LOOOOVE!!! Man you look fabulous after birthing, and Juliet is gorgeous! Your whole family looks great and I am so happy there is one more Babooshka in the world :)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I love reading birth stories :) Congrats - she is so adorable!!! Welcome to the world of two babies! You're super optimistic about it!

robertandsharon said...

One thing is for make beautiful babies! And I can't wait to get my hands on both of them in a couple of weeks! ;-)))

Dana Eyerly said...

Oh my goodness, she is beautiful! I'm so sad I didn't meet her before we left California. That will be rectified immediately the next time I find myself in town! Congratulations, I'm glad this delivery and recovery was so much easier for you. LOVE YOU!!

Kathryn said...

Congratulations Lauren! She is beautiful and what a lovely choice of name :) Glad to hear that the birth went well and you're all doing well

SupaFlowaPowa said...

So cute! I love this post cuz I just LOVE birth stories!!!! I think the second is easier cuz the path has been paved... what do I know though, my second was c-section ha! But at least that's what I've heard about the second, that's when you should try natural (if ever ... ha!).
Those girls are so precious - they are going to be just the best of friends!!! Jordan sometimes tries to climb into Bubba's chairs also, they just dunno and love their littles sooo sooo much!!! Hope you guys have a great Christmas!!!