Wednesday, December 18, 2013

And Thanksgiving came, and went, and now...

I am losing my mind!!  I'm packing for our Christmas vacation, which I didn't think we were leaving for until Monday, but now we are leaving on Thursday, so I am scrambling to finish laundry, find all our snow clothes and figure out how the heck to fit all those, presents, and the normal paraphernalia for a family of four into a manageable amount of luggage.  Plus we are probably going to need extra room for any presents we need to bring home.  Also, our anniversary is on Thursday, I need to finish making one of London's Christmas presents, make cinnamon rolls for when we have our mini Christmas here (so that we can open some presents now and not have to cart them all to Utah and back,) and oh yeah, I'm bringing our friends who just had a baby dinner tomorrow.  So you know, no pressure, and this is obviously the best time to write a blog.  But I'm already playing catch-up on here as it is and it's not like I can do any of that other stuff while nursing.  But typing on a computer is (semi) doable.

So, Thanksgiving!  We got to celebrate with both sides of the family which was awesome and does not happen very often for us, seeing as our families live on opposite coasts!  It was wild, but fun. 
I am just going to do an epic picture dump in this post, because like I explained, I'm a bit frazzled right now, so I'm sure anything I write will only make minimal amounts of sense, if that.
Triple-G (Great-great-grandma Vaccarello!) with London.  100 years apart, but fast friends. 

Great-grandpa Vacc with his girls

London was fascinated with Grandpa's turkey carving skills.

The table is set!

I made another turkey friend this year!  This was probably London's favorite thing, all day. 

Triple G meets Juju-bee

The ultimate creeper picture!

I got an iPhone, so it's like an unspoken rule that I have to take pictures of my plate before I start eating, right?

Zach enjoys his Thanksgiving nap with a certain borrowed blankie and duckie...

My family came and joined in on all the fun (and pies) at the Snow/Vaccarello dessert bash, but I didn't get any pictures.  Pie is very distracting you know, and so I forgot to take any pictures!!  But here are a couple of my mom and Spicer getting loves from the girls on other days.

So grateful for the memories made, all the helping hands, the yummy food, and for all these amazing folk we are blessed to call our family.  Here's to making many more memories this Christmas. 

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7carrs said...

love all the pictures! Can't wait to see the Christmas post.