Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Cabin

While we were up in Utah, Dan's grandparents graciously offered to let my whole family stay in their cabin in Heber.  It was a blast (it always is!)  My parents had so much fun that on our last day there, they went and looked at lots in the same community...because they are dreamers. ;)

Poor Spicer had to hang out inside most of the time we were at the cabin--he had a broken foot.

Juliet is not too sure about this cold weather.


Ti explores the fort.


Cutie baby brother.



My dad seemed to have a special talent of getting stuck in the most random/awkward places!


This sled was the most terrifying thing ever!! You could barely steer it and almost always would go over the jump on the hill backwards!!!
 London went down the hill a couple of times, but it wasn't her favorite ever (she didn't like the snow flying in her face.)  Nobody ever snapped any pictures of her sledding, but don't worry; she is just as cute inside the cabin as outside.

An instagram repeat, BUT C'MON, LOOK AT THIS CUTENESS!!


A festive piece of taxidermy. 

I could pinch those chubby cheeks all day long!!
I just wanted to thank everyone for the compliments on the pictures of my last couple of posts!  But I also want to give credit where it is due--my mom took some of those (and all the sledding pictures in this!)  She is kind enough to let me steal and edit her pictures for my blog.  Thanks for reading, everyone!


Kathryn said...

Looks like you all had so much fun! I steal my mum's pictures too! Lol

Autumn said...

Looks like a lot of fun to me...the snow here actually made me miss Utah!!

I love that little Juliet already has a lot of brown hair. Your babies are so precious!

his little lady said...

What a beautiful cabin! And look at all that snow! So much fun! :)
xo TJ