Sunday, February 23, 2014


I just got my computer back from the shop!  It'd been gone for a couple weeks, but seeing as it's been broken for months, it was a small sacrifice to make.  The past couple days with it back have been, in a word, exquisite.  (Virtual high fives to anyone who can name the show that quote is from!)

Snuggles on our plane ride to Florida.

Now that my computer doesn't die in five seconds, I can get back to business here on the blog.  Maybe.  I keep saying that, huh?  And then I won't post for like a month.  Let's just call it.  I won't get your hopes up.  I'm probably not going to blog again for another month.  BUT.  I hope that I do.  I'll just keep you guessing.  This is a friendship full of surprises!!

2014 has been pretty awesome so far.  I've lost (almost) 10 pounds.  Nine and a half, really.  But let's just round up to a nice, solid 10.  So that's a win.  I don't know where I've lost it from, because I look pretty much the same, but I still have a couple pounds to go to back to pre-pregnancy weight.  Let's hope those two pounds make the difference... ;)

London loooved all the boxes at Mimi's.

We also got to go back and visit my family at their new home in Florida this month.  Florida is my favorite state out of all 50, in case you wondering.  I was thrilled when I learned my family was moving back.  Granted, it's not back to where we lived in when I was in high school, but it's only a couple hours away.  Also, they moved to Orlando.  So theme parks galore!  This time back we went to Disney and Medieval Times (not really a theme park, but definitely an experience!)

I was the first to receive a rose from our night.  He had a thing for red heads.
 Unfortunately, most of the time we were there was wet and cloudy and bad Florida weather.  Florida was not living up to its nickname of the Sunshine State. We also didn't pack for that and it made getting out to do stuff kind of hard.  So that was bummer, but because of the free babysitting available I managed to read the entire Divergent series (so, so good!) and sneak in a date night with my love!  Small victories.  

I loved seeing my parents new house, and even helped my mom with a little unpacking (is it a little sick that I actually kind of enjoy that?? I blame it on my transient childhood and my love of organizing things.)  I can't wait to go back and give the Florida weather a chance to redeem itself.  And considering we will probably be living with my family for at least part of the summer after Dan graduates dental school, that's probably a good thing.

London's got a weird smile in this.  She was a teensy bit tired this day.

While we're on the subject of Dan graduating.  UM WHAT.  THAT IS IN  LESS THAN 3 MONTHS.  Time to start a California bucket list, because this may be our last chance for some of this!  Also, the real world. Yeah, that's happening.  No more students.  We could be in a REAL HOUSE.  With a yard.  Don't worry, I've already started planning on all the furniture we will buy and how I will decorate and the gloriousness of it all.  But that is a whole other post.  I actually find now that I am sitting down and just letting my brain barf all over this keyboard that I have a lot to say.  So maybe I will be back on here sooner than a month.  Who knows?

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Chris and Paige Evans said...

Looks like a fun trip! Can't believe you're almost out of there! Have you turned in your requests of where to be stationed?