Monday, May 12, 2014

Auntie Hopey comes to visit!

London (and Juliet!) loved having Aunt Hope come to town.  It's hard not to love a magical day at Disneyland with some of my favorite people.  Hope's visit was just what I needed--and all the more special since it very nearly didn't happen.  But I am oh-so glad it did!  I love my seester and it was seriously a pleasure getting know #theboyfriend. ;)  I realize that is kind of cheesy to say, but really--I don't think I've met a nicer guy!  Trent jumped right in helping out with the girls from the get-go, so that made him a winner in my book!

This was probably less than an hour in.  Juju and Trent are BFF's now.

We had lots of fun all together on the kiddie rides.  We of course rode London's favorites--the carousel and the teacups.  (By the end of the night, we'd been on the teacups 3 times.  She is still asking me every day if she can go ride the teacups.  OBSESSED.)

Trent even offered to let me and Hope go ride a big kid ride together.  Obviously we chose Splash Mountain, because...SPLASH MOUNTAIN! ;)

I was nervous about bringing the girls with me because we have had a couple of less-than-awesome theme park experiences with them lately.  (Dan likes to say that all of London's top 5 melt downs have been at Disney...) BUT I am so incredibly glad I took the chance and joined Hope and Trent for the fun...because it really was fun!! London and Juliet were amazing!  I don't really even remember any major meltdowns and we stayed all day, so that was a victory for this mama!

Anxiously awaiting the THIRD teacup ride.

So grateful Hope and Trent were able to come visit before we moved, and can't wait to see them again this summer.  Lovebirds make me happy.

P.S. Sorry to steal some of your pics, Hopey!

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