Thursday, May 8, 2014


Juliet is at such a great age right now.  She just passed six months, and I feel like the last month has held so many firsts for her.  I did a much better job documenting all of London's firsts, but I haven't been as great with Juliet.  Which is horrible and I told myself I wouldn't do that, but I feel like your priorities and perceptions change with the second kid (and probably do with each additional kid!)

Please ignore the disaster area that is my living room and just focus on this cutie playing with her toes.
However, Jules has been so much fun.  Her happy little personality is really beginning to show through.  She is a big time Momma's girl (much more so than London ever was).  If I leave the room, she immediately starts crying...she really just hates being alone period.  She could be totally fine playing by herself, then look up and realize that no one is in her immediate sight and freak out.  I think she will enjoy sharing a room with her sister once she's done sharing a room with mom and dad. 

London and Juliet get along really well.  They even like to play together--most of the time.  And snuggle, they are both BIG time snugglers.  Which I am perfectly ok with. =)

Juliet can sit up on her own.  She is an expert hair-puller; she even will pull Dan's arm hair!  (Ouch.)  Somehow I got really blessed and London thinks it's hysterical when Juliet pulls her hair?? Weird, but I'll take it! Generally, she is pretty happy and easygoing.  She is a chubbers and loves to eat (as long as it isn't solids ;)).  Funny story, the other day I went to pick her up and said, "Hello, Chubbers!!" and then London called her Chubbers the rest of the day.  Got to be careful or we are going to give a complex from our mean nicknames!

My favorite new accomplishment of Juju's is big girl bath time!  I can bathe both my children at once now!  I am so excited about this and it is kind of sad!!!  But I will not apologize.  My life just got ten times easier and they both love it and think it is great.  (Although the last few times when Dad was in charge of bath time things did not go so well.  So hopefully the novelty hasn't already worn off for them.)

She loves to dance.  If a song she likes come on she will start rocking back and forth and you can tell she is just gettin' down with her bad self! I tried to get a video of it, but London kept getting in the way with her own crazy dance moves.  Oh, well.  You're just going to have to take my word for it.

We are still working on sleeping through the night...hopefully that happens soon, because I am so worn out after over six months of it.  We also just introduced her to solids, so that has been fun! She hates EVERYTHING so far. Well, one time she accepted rice cereal, only to spit it all up not five minutes after she finished.  So different from London, who would eat almost everything we gave her.

This is the general consensus on not only rice cereal, but also bananas and peaches!

When it comes to trouble, this girl will find it.  Even though she is still rolling, do not underestimate her skills or her speed.  If she sees something she wants, she is there.  She loves to explore and get into things.  I am terrified for when she starts crawling/walking/ganging up with her sister.  (But I am secretly excited and kind of love that my girls both have a determined/mischievous streak--most days.)

Totally in love with this little one.  Even on the days I am totally exhausted and just want to give up, I still have those quiet moments when I am cuddling my sweet babes and my heart gets so full I think I'll explode.  And if I have those moments even on my bad days, life still must be pretty good, right?


robertandsharon said...

Love your blog about your cute family and those sweet little girls. Had to laugh about the hair pulling because you didn't like it one bit when mischievous Hopie would pull your hair, she especially enjoyed it when we were driving in the car and you had to sit next to her! Always good memories! ♥ Love you...

Tara O'Rourke said...

Aww she is so cute, I'm so glad I got to meet her! Your family is so darling, Lauren!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Awwwww your girls are soooooo adorable! Almost makes me want another :) :) :)