Saturday, June 14, 2014

Road Trippin Day 5: The end of the road.

I mentioned to you my biggest regrets of the trip in my last post (all involving food, so typical...), but this post, I want to share with you my biggest triumph:

London only barfed once on this entire trip!

Naturally, it was on our last day in the car.  I'm convinced Dan jinxed us.  As we were eating our breakfast at IHOP in Alabama, we started talking about how amazing it was that London hadn't thrown up or even gotten sick the whole trip.  She has been known to get car sick on any drive lasting longer than 30 minutes, so I can not stress how incredible this was, even with the extra precautions we had taken.  We continued to marvel at this barf-free streak, and then Dan says, "I wouldn't even care if she threw up three times today! It's the last day and only three times the whole trip is still pretty incredible."  Yeah, so says the guy who won't be in the same car as her and who almost never has to clean up the barf! ;)

The Orlando Temple

Well, ten minutes into our drive, we went through downtown Mobile.  It was kind of cool, because the freeway went through a tunnel underneath the city.  It was not so cool because I think the pressure change from it induced barfing.  After you come out of the tunnel, you cross a bridge that goes over the bay, so I tried my best to drive straight while Carrie cleaned up poor little London.  Oh well, once in over 2,000 miles still isn't bad, right?

We decided that we were going to buckle down and drive so we could get to Orlando as quickly as possible.  We only stopped a couple times for food/potty breaks/diaper changes.  Before I could even believe it possible, we were pulling up to my parents house.  

With Papa at Steak-n-Shake.

Now for a fun (not really) story! So my parents were actually out of town when we arrived, and the plan was that they would leave a key under the mat in front of the garage door, giving me the codes to get into the garage and to turn off the alarm system once we got in the house.  Well, I got into the garage no problem...but then there wasn't a key under the mat.  We looked under every mat in front of every door of the house dice.  Turns out my mom thought my dad had left the key for us and my dad thought she had left it.  Which left us without a place to sleep.  My dad very generously offered to put us up in a hotel for the night to make up for the disappointment.  It actually was kind of awesome, because it ended up being the nicest hotel we stayed in the whole trip.  Just looking for that silver lining.  

Families can be together forever. :)
My family finally got back from their trip that evening, and we were able to put an end to a long, but memorable trek.

And a note:
An absolutely gigantic thank you to my wonderful mother-in-law, Carrie, for joining us on this trip.  We could not have done it without you and so appreciate you sacrificing your time to travel with us and help with the driving and with the kids.  You are super woman!

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