Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I'm back, baby!

I've never really been the most regular of bloggers, but around December of last year, as I was prepping for all our celebrating, family time, and Christmas cheer,  I kept catching myself thinking how I was going to present it all on "the blog."  It just felt a little bit silly that my main focus wasn't on my family or the holiday, but on how I was going to tell everyone else about it.  I feel like that is a sticky situation that I often find myself in when it comes to social media.  It's the phrase "pics or it didn't happen," on steroids.  All of this to say it really made me ponder why I was blogging, because it just seemed to be adding to the stress of not just the holiday season, but also motherhood/life in general.  I started asking myself if I even enjoyed this anymore?  And if I didn't enjoy it, why was I adding this extra pressure into my life?  So I decided to take a conscious break and not blog for six months.  Obviously that turned into a longer period of time.

But not because I decided I hated blogging.  I found that I actually really missed it!  I love not only writing about our adventures and taking pictures of every silly little thing and sharing them with you, but also being able to go back and remember all the fun and messiness that is my life.  So about three months into my hiatus I had already decided that I would begin blogging again at the end of my six months...but then some crazy things happened, the main one being that I got pregnant again!

If you know me or have read my blog mch at all, then you'll know that when I get pregnant, I am horribly sick the first few months.  I basically go into survival mode and foucs on not throwing up 24/7.  On top of all this we were also preparing for our move to Hawaii!  And we are so excited, but moving nearly 6,000 miles away takes a little bit of coordinating and planning, even with the army helping along the way.  It's been a busy and crazy summer, and some parts have been not-so-wonderful, and other parts have been unbelievably awesome, but my point is that at the end of it all, I'm back, baby! (Grandparents, Great-grandparents and extended family rejoice!)

So join us as we explore and adjust to our new home here on the beautiful island of Oahu, welcome our new baby girl in December, and navigate the ups and downs of life in general.  Thanks for still being my friends through the long silence.  I'm going to try and not let it happen again.


Kathryn said...

Welcome back! Congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck with the move to Hawaii! Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures :)

Garrett Steppat said...

So happy for you Lauren! I plan on hopping aboard the blog train in the pretty near future as well! :)