Tuesday, September 1, 2015


We have been in Hawaii for over two weeks already! A lot of it still feels like a dream, but I will tell you I am already over living out of suitcases.  It probably doesn't help that the whole suitcase lifestyle has been going on for over a month now, since we moved out of our house in South Carolina July 29th.  There's been a lot of traveling and a whole heck of a lot of toddler meltdowns, but hey! We are in paradise now and enjoying almost every second of it (those aforementioned toddler meltdowns are very hard to enjoy in the moment.)

Ready for our flight!
At the Luau.

Hawaii has been pretty great to us so far--after two weeks of house hunting, many mispronounced street names, and a nerve-wracking bidding war--we are almost-homeowners! We just had our offer accepted on the perfect house.  We still won't close until October, but at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Future home!


I can't complain too much though; we're staying at the Hale Koa right in Waikiki, and we've been able to enjoy the beach or the pool nearly every day.  The girls' tan lines are INSANE.  They definitely did not inherit my fair skin.  We've still tried to be diligent with the sunscreen...even so I managed to get at least one decent sunburn.  After that day Dan told me he doesn't think there's enough sunscreen in Hawaii for me to live here.  I definitely am not going to get mistaken for a local anytime soon. ;)

The Freckles are poppin'.

Hotel pool...conveniently located right on the beach.

A rare moment of sisterly love.

She has the right idea.

I wish I had more to report, but we only have one car right now, and Dan has been using that most days to drive to Schofield or Tripler to finish his in-processing, and on the days that he's been home we've been looking at houses.  But now Dan doesn't have to go back into work for a couple weeks and once we get the ball rolling on escrow I'm hoping we can get out and explore the island a little more.

Aloha from the Snows


Autumn @ Stay gold Autumn said...

Your first home is BEAUTIFUL! I'm so excited for you to start nesting and decorating like you've been wanting to do for years :).

Also, great call on the pause on blogging. I took an 8 month break too for similar reasons and I'm happy I did it. Glad you're back to it!

SupaFlowaPowa said...

Sooo excited for you guys!!! I love Hawaii and I've really only been twice but a ton of my college friends live there, I'm sure you will end up going to all the cool places but off the top of my head, I can think of Leonards, Waiolas, Liliha's and Rainbow's Drive-Inn!!! now that you're a legit haole from the mainland hahaha. Of course, i also liked Zippy's but not much of the locals did hahaha. I'm pao. hahahaha i dunno why it cracks me up that they use that word but it does. Oh, also you guys have to go to a University of Hawaii football game, the experience is one you'll never get anywhere else, everyone tailgating with poke and malsadas and people bringing their own spam musbis to eat there.. it's wonderful! I love it there!!