Thursday, October 1, 2015

London: Girl of the 21st Century

Please tell me you remember the Disney Channel heroine, Zenon Kar? That way it won't be embarrassing that I referenced the movie in my title...or that I still know most of the words to Proto Zoa's hit song, My Super Nova Girl. "There's no gravity between us--our love is automatic!"  Ahem...I digress.  Sometimes I marvel at how far technology has come, even since I was a kid in the 90's.  Even crazier to me is how quickly my kids have learned to use it! I was looking at pictures on my phone the other day, and came across some London selfies.

 Well...more like several 100 selfies, but these ones stuck out to me.  I loved how each one was different, and not just a million of her making the exact same face (which is what I normally find.)  It was like I was glimpsing into her little personality, but also catching a peek at the future. 

My girls are still little, and they share every thought that comes into their minds with me.  For whatever reason, looking at these pictures made me think about how that won't always be the case. 

 Someday, sassy Miss London the threenager is going to be sassy Miss London the teenager.  That seems so far away!!  But it is inevitable, and these little selfies with her serious face made me realize that she probably already has some serious thoughts inside her.  And I hope that I am teaching her to be strong, and brave, and kind, and good, because someday, the day will come when she realizes I am a dorky mom and she would rather tell her BFF about her life than me. When that day comes, I hope she is ready to make the right choices even against all the pressures in this world.

I hope I am doing you justice, little one.  And sorry that some silly selfies made me so sappy. ;)

How do you think we can prepare young girls (and young boys!) to be strong adults?

P.S. Sorry for all the sappy mom posts lately! I blame the pregnancy hormones.


Kathryn said...

Wow! Selfies already?! They're pretty good too.

It's hard to know what our kids will be like in their teenage years and the sort of scrapes they'll get into. We just have to hope and pray that we will set a positive example for them and know how to handle the situation when the time comes. But in the mean time, we must treasure our little ones for as long as they're still little.

Autumn @ Stay gold Autumn said...

Her selfies are pretty amazing- I'm impressed! I hope all of those things for your little girls just like you do. The wonderful thing is they will pick up attributes you both have that are great and add to them too!!