Sunday, September 20, 2015


2006? Micklers Beach, Florida

El Segundo, California. November 2010.
 The beach has always been one of my favorite places.  Despite my fair skin, since I was small there wasn't much that could make my heart happier than the thought of sticking my toes in the sand or the surf (except maybe Disneyland/world.)  When I went to college in the beautiful, but landlocked state of Utah, I think the thing I was most homesick for (other than family and friends) was the seashore.  It is truly my happy place.

Outer Banks, North Carolina.  June or July 2012.

Somewhere off the coast of California.

Baby London, Mission Bay, California.  July 2012.
That being said, going to the beach with kids is an entirely different experience.  Even before we get out the door, the sheer amount of stuff we need to bring is crazy.  Towels and blankets and water and snacks and sunscreen and extra diapers and wipes and toys and flotation devices and...I think you get the point. And since none of my kids are big enough to really help in carrying things, I'm pretty sure I look something like a pregnant pack mule every time we trek out.  With small children, there really isn't much relaxation occurring.  You never know when one of them is going to take off running toward the water, or start throwing sand on an innocent bystander. 

Baby London and Aunt Hopey, North Carolina, Summer 2013.

Baby Juliet, El Segundo, California.

London at Sullivan's Island, South Carolina, June 2015.

Juliet, Sullivan's Island, South Carolina. 
But it's been my experience that for every little "luxury" you lose after babies, you gain a new joy.  So while I can't always enjoy boogie boarding, or kayaking, or even the simple pleasure of closing my eyes and feeling the sun tickle my skin, there's not much cuter than babies on the beach.  And even the thrill of riding a wave back to shore can't compete with London's squeals of joy as she splashes through the water yelling, "This is the BEST. DAY. EVER!" (She has had a lot of best days ever in her short life.) The sand castles we build are pretty dang gnarly.  And Juliet's little hand in mine as we jump waves brings some feelings that are so sublime in nature that really I don't think I had the capacity to experience them before I had these little girlies in my life.

Outer Banks, North Carolina.

Juliet and I, Fort DeRussy Beach, Hawaii.  A few days ago. ;)

London, Fort DeRussy Beach, also a few days ago.
And you can still enjoy the sound of waves crashing on the shore with or without kids. ;)

I'm a sucker for a sunset on the beach.


SupaFlowaPowa said...

I've never liked the beach much, but I think part of that is my parents never took me. It always feels so dirty now, but I know it's inherently something all babies love because my kids love it and I've had to suck it up and take them hahaha. I think I would love the beach more if we lived right there, part of it is I am too lazy to go hahahah and I hate wearing a bathing suit. You are a brave brave mom and awesome too, for taking them!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

So many wonderful beaches! I love the part about all the extra stuff you need to bring with kids. So true :)

Bridget said...

OMG, look how tan London is!! And look how freckly you are, missy!

Seems like you are LOVING Hawaii and we're so happy for you (not to mention rather jealous!!).

Autumn @ Stay gold Autumn said...

I know it is weird for you to not feel like you have a "home" since y'all moved so much, but is sounds like to me that the beach is your home. I love that most of the places you have lived, you have been able to have that!! Hawaii looks just as beautiful as I imagined it would!!