Thursday, September 29, 2016

London is Four!

Well, she turned four six months ago.  I really did write all this right after her birthday...and then apparently walked away and forgot all about it. Oopsies. But, here it is, if anyone wants to hear all about our Resident Mischief-Maker in Chief.


"Painters Palettes"

"Color Wheel"

I can't believe that it's been over four years since I became a mom.  It's hard to imagine London as a tiny, helpless baby, or myself as a brand new mom!  But at the same time, has it already been four years?? (My body says yes, yes it has...;))

London and her masterpiece.

Each kid had their own paint station.  I loved seeing what everyone came up with. Ryder here made a rainbow.


How do you describe the girly tornado that is London?  She is smart, she loves learning everything she can, and she constantly surprising me with her growing knowledge.  She loves practicing writing her letters, especially her name.  She is the girliest girl you will ever meet.  If there is a princess, count her in.  She recently finished her first ballet class and loooved that.  She lives in her dress up clothes, her life is a musical, because she always making up songs about whatever she is doing.

London is our little artist; she is constantly drawing, coloring, painting, or making little sculptures with her play dough.  She is the first to ask if we can make a craft, and she would stay upstairs all day making projects if I let her.  So it only seemed fitting to throw her an art party this year.  I think the kids all had fun, and bonus, there was minimal mess!  Such tidy painters!

The kiddos also got to decorate their own cupcakes.

I think a lot of sprinkles skipped the cupcakes and went straight to their mouths. ;)

She recently discovered Star Wars and is obsessed.  She tells me she wants to be Rey for Halloween.  We only picked that costume like six months in advance.  Want to take bets if she ends up changing her mind before then?? ;) [update: she is now debating between Rey and Leia]

She loves to play outside with her friends, you cannot get her out of the ocean when we go to the beach, she loves to read, and she is the best big sister.  She and Juliet are best friends (except for when they are fighting...) She loves to read stories to Baby Gwen, and I'm so grateful she is my oldest.  She is independent, she is sassy, some days she is really hard, but I love her to pieces.

Party Favors.


All the friends!

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