Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dental School Friends are Forever Friends!

One of the highlights of our year was having the Stephens come to visit. Mandy and Russell were some of our closest friends through dental school, and they are really more like family. We had such a great time while they were staying with guys are coming back soon, right??

We were able to do a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center, which is great for family fun, and the luau is always delicious! That Kelua Pork...and the sweet potato with coconut! THE TARO ROLLS!! We honed our fire dancing skills, spear throwing, hula dancing, and got our culture on. One of the things I love about coming here is that everyone really makes you feel like you're family. If you're on Oahu you need to save a day for the PCC. Look how much fun these kids had!

Quick stop on the way up to the PCC at Chinaman's Hat.

Juju practicing her fire dance.

London and Avonlea concentrate on their twirling.

Russell is ready to light his!

Time to throw some spears.

Gwen and I hang out during the boat parade.

Posing with some hula dancers

Our pig at the luau!

Cultural Presentation before eating

Hawaiian Royal Court

 We fit in as much beach time as we could. We spent an afternoon at Paradise Cove where we swam with sea turtles (and of course I did not take a single picture, so just trust me when I say it was awesome. ;)) And obviously we had to go to Lanikai, the best beach on the island. Every time we go here I have to pinch myself to be sure that living here isn't some sort of dream!


I could not get enough of Merrick's little swim diaper!! <3 br="">


Mandy and Avonlea looking like models.

Merrick found the sand.

Gwen hung out in her personal baby beach cabana.

And Merrick kept her company.

Oh yeah, I was there too. ;)

 We also headed over to White Plains Beach to catch some waves. We also got a surprise visit from a Hawaiian Monk Seal while we were there. He swam right up to our little spot on the beach and hung out in front of us the rest of the time we were there. It was very exciting to watch him loll about for an hour or so.

Dads and the big girls catching waves.

Juliet hiding from the water and the sun.

Mr. Seal washes ashore.

He decided to come a little further up shore.

View of Diamondhead and Honolulu from White Plains.

Juliet being lazy and catching a ride down the beach to the water.

And enjoying a snack after a wipe out.

London wanted her picture with the seal.

And so did Avonlea!

So cute!

We also went to the Dole Pineapple Plantation, which I hadn't been to since my family came here on vacation when I was a girl. It is so fun! We rode the train, explored the gardens, and indulged in some pineapple treats. (Shout out to Dole Whips!)

Baby pineapple!

I spy a Juliet!


Mandy and I even got to enjoy a Girls Night Out! Dinner and shopping and it was perfectly wonderful!

We love you guys, PLEASE come back soon!!!

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