Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Juliet Turns Three

Juliet is my sweet-and-sour little introvert. She promised me that she will stay three forever, but I think she is finding that a difficult promise to keep. She decided that three years old means you are a big girl, so she finally quit the bottles at bed time and started wearing big girl panties and using the potty.  This has been life changing not only for her, but for me too, and I think everyone is ten times better off for it! I would throw her a party just for those accomplishments, but she already had a pretty rockin' costume party for turning three.


She got a little overwhelmed at times during her party (like I said, serious introvert!), and so it may be the last one I throw her, but I think for the most part she had a good time. And any excuse to wear her Darth Vader costume is a good thing to her. ;)

We did mummy dogs, caramel apple slices with toppings, lots of sweets, orange snacks, and a special-request-pumpkin-shaped chocolate cake. We bobbed for apples, pinned the spider on the web, and had a costume contest. It was wild with so many of our friends over, but controlled chaos is just kind of part of being a parent at this point, so the more the merrier! Thank you friends for celebrating with us and being our family away from home!

Juliet has grown so much over the last year. She has overcome fears (like the ocean, making new friends, and being away from mommy), she has become more confident, and is even learning to dress herself and put her shoes on. She is still learning to channel her stubborness (ahem, will-power), in a more productive manner, but I think someday she will be a powerhouse.

I'm so proud of the sweetness, the determination, and the independence that this little girl has inside her. Happy Birthday, Juju!

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