Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mawage is what bwings us togeva, today.

Two of my best friends are getting married. (Same day, different states.) And it seems like every other day, someone else is telling me, "Guess what, I got engaged!!"

When did this happen? It feels like yesterday we were all just settling into Heritage Halls, trying to figure out who these strangers were we had to live with for the next year.

Except that wasn't yesterday, and now these aren't strangers.

This is my Shalee. My Shalee who helped me through my freshman year, who kept me from going off the deep end, who is always such an incredible example to me. My Shalee who I shared a room with all last year, who knows everything about me, who practically took care of me. The girl who gives the best hugs, who knows exactly what to say to help me see how to get up from whatever slump I managed to get myself into this time. My Shalee who loves unconditionally.

And this is my Dana. My date to every dance senior year, my Mormon twin in choir and theatre. Fun, exuberant, hyper, crazy, chocolate-loving. Dancing, laughing, crying, hugging, sharing, loving. I miss her.

I'm so excited for them. They're so happy, and I just hope those boys know how lucky they are. =]


7carrs said...

Aren't friends the best?! And those are two of the cream of the crop!

robertandsharon said...

Yes, I love your Shalee, too. She is a special young women and you are blessed to have her as a friend and example. I don't know Dana very well but if she helped you, then she is great! You have some wonderful roommates who will be eternal friends and that makes me, the Grammie Girl, happy. "Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage..." la, la, la...etc.

Shalee said...

Oh my gosh… I’m crying! I just found this treasure trove of little Laurenness! I sure do miss you best friend. I wish that I had been a follower sooner of your blog! I’m sorry I’m not around as much. This just made me realize how stinking much I miss you! Holy cow, just thinking about our freshman year takes me to another world. Truly I feel like it was completely different era. I can’t even express all my though right now but one for sure is that I LOVE YOU!