Thursday, September 20, 2012

24 Things.

1. Road trip to Grand Canyon.  I've been itching to go for awhile.
2. Sew an article of clothing.
3. Sew a costume.
4. Make a quilt.
5. Finish draft of novel.
6. Pick up my violin again.  Master a new song--or an old one.  Just something.
7. On the same note (no pun intended), finish learning On Your Porch on the guitar.  By Thanksgiving.
8. Go to a concert.  It's been too long.
9. Paint a picture. Even if it's ugly.
10. Do something nice for someone you don't know.
11. Take a photography class.
12. San Fran.  It's happening.
13. Throw London an awesome first birthday party.
14. Visit the temple at least four times this year.  Yes, it's hard with London.  But so worth it.
15. Go camping.
16. Learn to respect your body. (And not treat it like a garbage disposal.)
17. Write a pen pal. (Any takers?)
18. Plant a garden.  And don't kill it!
19. Run a 5k.  This is scary.
20. Host a house guest.  Be the gracious Southern hostess you were raised to be.
21. Read 50 books.
22. Have a dinner party.
23. Go antique-ing.
24. Get out of the house, everyday.  Even if it's only a walk.

Some of you who've been reading for awhile might recognize a few of these from my 22 things to do before I turn 22 list.  Remember how I jokingly put a 23rd item at the end that said "Get pregnant."?  Well, turns out, that actually happened.  And then I became horribly ill for 3 months straight, so I wasn't doing much of anything unless it involved my bed or my toilet.  Sadly, this meant that many of the things on my list didn't get accomplished.  Here's a copy of the list showing what I did manage to do.  note: Some items weren't accomplished until after my birthday, but I decided to count them because I did at least make an effort to do them..and plus, I couldn't use them on this list if I'd done them already.


1. Learn to sew. Learn to love it.  I sewed several things in the morning before work, and it was actually fun!
2. Hike that trail through the hills by my in-laws all the way to the beach.  Did it! And it was awesome!
3. Try 3 new recipes each week.  There are stacks and stacks from which to choose. Thank you, Pinterest!
4. Exercise every day, except Sunday.
5. Visit the "English Village Shoppe and Tea Garden" that I drive by every day on my way to work.
6. Finish a completed draft of my book.
7.  Learn five new songs on the piano.
8. Learn to say no. chocolate.   This wasn’t really before my 22nd birthday, BUT it was for forty days while I was pregnant. That’s gotta count for something.
9. Spontaneous date night. Done this a few times.  I’m so fun!
10.  Dress up for the midnight premier of Harry Potter.  Cry when it's all over.  I’m an old married fart and my husband doesn’t do midnight showings.  But I did cry, for what it’s worth.
11. Visit the temple once every month.
12. Go visit those cool antique shops in San Juan Capistrano.
13. redecorate my home into something I love.  This wasn’t before my 22nd birthday either, but I did it and it’s a work in progress and I do love it.
14.  Go to the Getty!!  This also wasn’t before my 22nd birthday, but I did go on a day off from work with Mandy.
15.  Learn to spend less than $50 bucks on groceries every week.  You don't need all you think you do.  It’s possible! (Especially with WIC helping out!)
16.  Visit San Francisco.  (I don't know if that can happen, but I can try!)
17.  Go camping.  And really rough  it--no phone or internet.
18.  Make a new friend.  Tara Bence.  I love that girl! (This was also after my birthday, but only a couple months!)
19. Live it up at Rashelle's wedding.  Take so many pictures. Done and done!
20.  Visit the pet shop by my office.  So glad I did this, because they ended up closing it down before I left my job!
21.  Have friends over to dinner once a month.
22.  Meet my friends from San Diego and reminisce.
23.  Get pregnant.  A joke that actually happened.   And so, here we go again.


SupaFlowaPowa said...

I love this list! I have confidence you can do it too! I'd say write me but I so enjoy following each other's blogs and wouldn't want to take the joy of you writing to someone away from them hehe. I hate running and in my mid 20's, I lived with a track girl and somehow I ended up running a BUNCH of 5Ks (under 30 minutes!), 10Ks, and to date.. a 15K (my longest EVER!) - so if poor pathetic runner me can do it, I know you can too! Also, camping sounds like fun! I have been inspired to come up with a list for 31... ! you can do camping - without a phone or internet - i did it once too for two weeks hehe YOU CAN DO IT! I can't wait to read about it!

Stephanie said...

Ummm San Francisco can definitely happen!! You can totally stay with us, and we will love on little London. Seriously, come!

Autumn said...

Mmmm I like these goals.

Devin's Aunt is the best tour guide ever. She lives 30 minutes from San Francisco and I could give you her email if you would like to know all of the great sites to go. She literally takes a map every time we go and puts a sticky note on each location in SF so we can pick things in the same area on the same day.

Also, I have been trying to get past chapter 2 on the novel I am writing. I am great at character development, but have a difficult time implementing a very important thing called plot.

7carrs said...

Well you need to run a 5k with me and Hope- how fun would that be? Well we will run behind her, but you get the idea. I am so proud of you setting goals and seeking to try new things- it makes life more fun!