Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Long time, no see...

Well this is slightly awkward.  I wish I could say that I've just been soooo busy and doing so much and that's the reason I haven't blogged in almost a month.  But in the spirit of honesty--I've just been being a bum.  That's right, we've had several days where I haven't gotten out of my jammies.  I've been watching TV, eating junk, doing the bare minimum to keep this household functioning.  Why?  Sheer laziness.  What a way to start out my new year, huh??  I'm not proud of it, but it happened, and I think I'm over it. 

I think another problem was I became consumed by a scrapbook project the last couple weeks.  I got some scrapbook supplies for Christmas and went a little crazy.  I just finished our wedding and I'm getting ready to start on one for London.  So that is my one productive thing for this month--although I don't know how productive it is if it's distracting me from everything else. 

So here's a little catch-up.  We returned home from Dan's family's house on January 1st, after celebrating his madre's birthday!  While we were gone, we'd recieved a couple of (late) Christmas packages, so the next morning, we had Second Christmas!

Image via Hipster Lord of the Rings
London is becoming a pro at unwrapping gifts!  Having two Christmases really helps in that department.

For real?  We get to do this again???

London now probably has about 1 million toys, but she seriously has been having so much fun with all of them that I don't even care that our house is a disaster area half the time.  She especially enjoys chasing after balls of all shape and sizes.  This makes Dan hopeful that she will be a little athlete, but I'm still holding out for a ballerina.  She might be both--she also looooves to dance.

Here's a few pictures of the little busybody, at the request of my father, who informed me yesterday that he has been waiting with bated breath for a new blog post with pictures of his one and only granddaughter. 

My motto for the new year is hope.  Hope that I can break bad habits, be a better person, have a better attitude, etc.  So here's to hoping I won't take a whole month off from life again.

(Last year's motto was joie de vivre.)


Chris and Paige Evans said...

London's gonna be walking any day now, check her out!!

7carrs said...

oh my gosh- she is so cute and so big!!
And you may have gotten that obsession with a project (or book) from me- sadly I have been known to do the same thing!

SupaFlowaPowa said...

welcome back! I missed you!!! London is getting so big and she is so dang adorable!!!! I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas and glad you're back though the first thing I thought was .. she's pregnant! lol.

robertandsharon said...

I love the last picture of London with her tongue stuck out as if it is helping her guide her walking toy...soooo cute! And everybody needs to be lazy sometime; just get up and get started moving about again! Love you...